OAISYS Gateway to the Cloud

Best of Both Worlds Call Recording

A common problem facing businesses of all sizes, but particularly smaller businesses without a wealth of available IT resources is the question of migrating business-critical applications to the cloud. Waiting too long or moving too slowly can leave them lagging behind their competition, but moving too quickly could negatively impact returns on existing infrastructure investments.

The OAISYS Gateway to the Cloud solution offers the best of both worlds by enabling companies with a preexisting investment in on-premise telephony systems to add advanced call recording and interaction management functionality in a hosted cloud environment.

Key benefits of the OAISYS Gateway to the Cloud service include:

  • Access to easy-to-use and affordable advanced call recording functionality that may have previously been unattainable in an outright purchase model
  • Transition to cloud services at the pace right for you, without abandoning existing investments in premise-based voice services
  • Gain flexibility for your business – pay as you go and scale as you grow
  • Reduce maintenance and operational overhead, including hardware and facility expenses


How does it work?

An on-premise OAISYS Gateway Appliance captures voice conversations and associated call data from the customer’s premise-based business telephone system. Calls are initially stored locally, then uploaded on a scheduled, recurring basis to the OAISYS cloud-based managed services location. Users can access call records just as if they were stored locally, without concern for administration, security, redundancy or other management issues. The service is provided on a month-by-month, pay-as-you-go basis, ensuring accurate and consistent budgeting to maximize resource investment.