How do I setup a conference call?

Mitel (Inter-Tel)

While on the first call, press CNF to put the call on hold.

Place another intercom or outside call

Press CNF to place the call on hold. (If necessary, repeat this step to place one more call on hold)

Press CNF to join all of the call together in the conference.

During the conference call, you can do the following:

To place the conference on hold: Press red HOLD button. This places the conference on hold without disconnecting the parties. To return to the conference, press CNF.

To drop out of the conference: Press CNF and hang up. This removes your phone from the conference, but leaves the other parties connected.

To end the conference and place all parties on individual hold: Press CNF and then press red HOLD button to place all of the parties on individual hold. You can then speak to one party at a time by pressing red HOLD button or a flashing button.

To transfer the conference to another extension or to voicemail: Press TRANSFER and dial the desired extension number. Then hang up when you are ready to complete the transfer.